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Counsel to Restoration Saints (Received 9/15/2018)

To My People Who Call Themselves by My Name:

I speak that you might know that I am pleased with your renewed desire and effort to draw close to me. For I hear even the smallest desire of the heart, and I know your longing, for the things that I have promised, concerning my Restoration. Yet, for these things to be, more is required.

Have I not said that you are not mine, if you are not one? Have I not told you to let your heart prefer your brother as yourself? Yet many among you cling to your own views and seek not sufficiently me that I might make my will known to you.

I tell you that the day soon cometh when I will move forward my work, but it will be with those, who do heed these things, who are willing to set aside their own desires, such, that they will know my will in fullness, nothing doubting. And, in that day, my children will go forth in great power of my Spirit, unto the convincing of many of the truths that you bring them.

Oh, my children of the Restoration, how I would gather you, as a hen gathers her chickens, but you will not. I say this through one, who is known to me, who is willing to speak, even though others with priesthood authority, who I desire to use, are unwilling to speak this truth.

So know that I am able to accomplish my own work, and, soon, you will see me move forward, but it will not be in ways you expect. And, for this reason and the other reasons I state herein, many will miss their opportunity for greater service.

Know that my heart longs to use you, but I will only use those, who humble themselves and allow me sufficient place that those, to whom they minister, see me more than themself. So consider carefully my words, for I do not give them lightly, and, all I give will be held to my children’s accountability.

Thus saith the One you seek, and many are seeking me in greater measure. Yet, I cannot give you what you desire, because I only do what my Father is doing, and I require those, who call themselves by my name, to do likewise.

Hear me; let not this pass from you. For great is this opportunity before you and great will be the remorse of those who miss it.

Even So, Amen.