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To America

My daughter, I asked that you receive my words that you might better understand the things that will soon be in your nation [America]. For I am not well pleased with many, who are seeking to tear down the things that many have given their life to obtain. For this reason, I must destroy their bastions of power and give this country back to my people.

Know that all that comes is unto this purpose. For I have heard my people’s prayers and there are many who are crying out that I return America unto her Christian roots. So know, my daughter, that destruction will come upon your cities and your nation that I might turn a people’s hearts back to me and might remove those who seek to serve the enemy and not the people.

I tell you that many will have great anger towards their leaders, as they seek to take over this government. For my people will not give up the freedom and will turn against these leaders. As all these things happen, the comforts you know will cease, but I will bring a remnant through, and I will turn the government back to them.

So let not your heart doubt these things and know that it is my hand that is bringing a people back to me.

(Received May 15, 2019)

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