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Arise and Join the Fight

My people who are protectors of the full restored authority of my gospel, I say unto you, “Arise and join in the fight that rages in the spiritual realm over your nation.”

Have I not called you to be the bearer of the message of my Zion to come? Why then are you not on your knees asking me to overturn that which the enemy has perpetrated against you, that I might not finish the work that I intend through my servant Donald John Trump? Has he not stood for Israel? Has he not stood for the life of the unborn? Is this not my heart too?

I tell you that there are things that I still desire to put in place that will better enable my constitution to continue that was raised up on this land by my hand. Know that light will be shed forth to reveal more fully the intent of the enemy’s doings, but only those, who now stand in faith immoveable to the things they hear about this election, will share in this victory.

For I want a people who are like my son David, who will stand against what appears to be impossible to them, who will trust in me, who will stand; and, by so doing, allow my Spirit place to overcome the ploys of the enemy.

You have been given much, and you have endured more than other flocks, yet very few of you are calling upon me to prevail and bring justice to preserve your democracy. For this reason I speak, that you might consider and join with my faithful ones, who are seeking me, who will then be further strengthened in their faith, because they have shared in the fight and victory.

Hear me, my children of the Restoration. For I yet desire to use you, but I can only do so, if you will grow in your faith and trust in me.

Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Even So, Amen.

(Received November 10, 2020)

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  1. Yvonne, thank you for sending this to me. I am praying for justice and righteousness to prevail for our nation.
    God Bless.

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