Yvonne GalushaYvonne Galusha’s father, Vernon Kent, was an Elder and Pastor for most of her formative years. At the age eight, she made a covenant with the Heavenly Father, mediated by Jesus Christ, receiving Him as her Savior, witnessing the covenant in the waters of baptism, becoming a member of His Church. Thus, she had a solid foundation and acquired a keen interest to understand truth from the written word.

As a young adult, after achieving a BS in Computer Science, she worked in the computer industry for twelve years, during which time she completed an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and some graduate coursework in Computer Engineering. To better balance career and family, she moved into academia, teaching for twenty-seven years. Yvonne married George Galusha at the age of twenty-two and they have four children–two girls and two boys.

Yvonne became aware, at a very young age, of the spiritual realm. She knew the presence of God and Satan and experienced many things. However, it was not until she was in her thirties that she sought to put the Lord first and discover her calling. This began many years of diligent study, which resulted in much spiritual growth and a walk of greater submission and obedience to the Lord. Yvonne has developed much material in service unto our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, His Son. Some of it is available on her youtube channel, find the link at the top navigation, and you can purchase her books on this site. If you are interested in in-person service, please use this site to Contact her.