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Arise and Join the Fight

My people who are protectors of the full restored authority of my gospel, I say unto you, “Arise and join in the fight that rages in the spiritual realm over your nation.”

Have I not called you to be the bearer of the message of my Zion to come? Why then are you not on your knees asking me to overturn that which the enemy has perpetrated against you, that I might not finish the work that I intend through my servant Donald John Trump? Has he not stood for Israel? Has he not stood for the life of the unborn? Is this not my heart too?

I tell you that there are things that I still desire to put in place that will better enable my constitution to continue that was raised up on this land by my hand. Know that light will be shed forth to reveal more fully the intent of the enemy’s doings, but only those, who now stand in faith immoveable to the things they hear about this election, will share in this victory.

For I want a people who are like my son David, who will stand against what appears to be impossible to them, who will trust in me, who will stand; and, by so doing, allow my Spirit place to overcome the ploys of the enemy.

You have been given much, and you have endured more than other flocks, yet very few of you are calling upon me to prevail and bring justice to preserve your democracy. For this reason I speak, that you might consider and join with my faithful ones, who are seeking me, who will then be further strengthened in their faith, because they have shared in the fight and victory.

Hear me, my children of the Restoration. For I yet desire to use you, but I can only do so, if you will grow in your faith and trust in me.

Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Even So, Amen.

(Received November 10, 2020)

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Lord says to Prepare

(Received May 28, 2020)

To My Children, who Call Themselves by My Name:

Hear me and know that I am calling you to repent and draw nigh unto me. For soon cometh a time of great shaking, a time that only those, who seek fully my will, will survive. I say survive, not first physically, but survive in their walk with me. Few there be who understand my ways, for they are not of this world. Yet, I desire that my ways, even my Kingdom, again be established therein.

Know, my children, that I have long suffered that my name be trampled among the children of men, but this will not always be so. For soon cometh a great conflict, and this conflict will bring about great loss of life. Yet, from it, will also arise my Kingdom. For there will be some, who will not yield in their testimony of me; and, because of their many sacrifices, I will emerge.

You may ask why now? My enemy has been allowed a time of testing, of my little ones, and, despite all that he has brought against them, for many generations, he could not fully remove their testimony. And, as the years have past, my children have grown stronger in the word and their devotion to me. It is for this reason that they are now ready to be entrusted with my greater authority and power, to take my gospel throughout the world for the last time.

I speak that my children might better prepare for that which, even now, is at their doorstep. I ask that each one come aside, daily, and strengthen their individual walk with me; that all, together, might better know my will and might better allow me to lead and bring my people together unto me, into one fold. For only then, can I strengthen my people, such, that a remnant might be brought through this time of great trial.

Know, that great is my love for each one; and, I know who is mine, and I ask that you open your heart that you might better know my love and great joy, in the things you do for me, in serving each other.

Know, too, that by doing this, I will be able to better assist each one, when they offer the sacrifices that all will be asked to share, in that my Kingdom might be brought forth in the earth.

So, gird up your loins, and come unto me, and know that I will not leave you comfortless. Let not this opportunity for service pass from you. For the day will soon come that all will be faced with choices; and, by this, will your testimony stand for eternity, to whom did you choose to serve?

Let this remain with you, as you consider this, my counsel. Seek me, and I will give each one the confirmation that these words are of me, even your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He, who longs for a people to be fully His own, who can share with Him for eternity.

Consider carefully these things and let not the enemy rob you of this great opportunity.
Even so, Amen.


(Received August 3, 2020)

To My Children who Call Themselves by My Name:

I speak that you might know that soon will come enormous upheaval in your nation. This is not so surprising, but what will be surprising is the extent of it. I give you this warning now that you should prepare your homes for economic turmoil like that which occurred during the Great Depression. But even more than this, you should prepare for martial law and eventual anarchy. For there will be a great struggle and this is because the enemy desires to keep control, and I desire to bring my people into my Kingdom Zion.

Know that many will lose their life, and many will give their life for the sake of my gospel, and many will repent and come unto me, because of the power manifested through my servants unto the blessing of my faithful ones. So, let your hearts focus on this and on the bringing forth of my Kingdom. Yet, if you want to assist in greater measure in this work, you must now prepare for these things.

Only those who are well prepared—first spiritually and second physically—will I use to accomplish the greater work in bringing about my will in removing my enemy from off this my promise land, even the land chosen many years ago for this purpose. So, hear me my children, and cease from your idle ways and come unto me in mighty, earnest prayer that I might use many of you to accomplish much.

Thus saith He who longs for a people who will come together in great unity and love and learn to abide continually my and my Father’s ways. Seek me and you will find me. Know that I will open many things. My hand is extended that I might bring many unto me and might not lose a single soul to my enemy. So, heed this my counsel, and let not this my warning pass from you.

Even So, Amen.


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COVID-19 virus

Brothers & Sisters,

I received this message, from the Lord, the morning of March 18, 2020. He asked me to write and I was surprised to get this concerning COVID-19. I humbly submit it as my testimony for your careful consideration. You are in my prayers.

In service to Jesus Christ our Savior and King, Yvonne Galusha

To My Children Who Call Themselves By My Name:

I speak that you might know that I am with you, and I give you reassurance that this disease that now besets you will not bring down my plans to bring a people unto me. Yet, you have not been diligent in your prayers, and, for this reason, the enemy has penetrated the protection of health that I desire to give you.

Know that these things happen when my people grow lax in their ways and no longer seek me to provide and protect their nations. I tell you that soon there will be even greater things; but, in spite of this, I will yet accomplish my purpose; but, only those, who humble themselves and seek me, will I bring through these times of great trial. Yet, some, who are my most precious ones, will offer sacrifice for the sake of others that I might save some from the grasp of the enemy.

I speak that you might be strengthened and might not let fear and doubt over take you. For all things are in my hands, and, although I did not open the door to this as my chastisement, it has been allowed place, because of your slothfulness. But, if you will pray, this will be removed, and I will continue to strengthen you for the greater chastisements that are yet to come.

I say this that you might understand that these are requisite, if I am to bring forth my Kingdom, and soon you will see much unto this purpose. So heed this, my counsel, and know that I will not leave my faithful ones comfortless. Seek me and learn to hear my voice that I might provide, each one, the guidance and comfort to see them through life in this earth. Be not afraid, but come unto me and always trust in the things that I have promised.

Thus saith He who holds the keys of life and death, He who came unto you as a man that you might know the way to conduct yourself to be pleasing and acceptable to the Holy Father. For unto Him is the purpose for all I do and unto Him should be the purpose for all you do. Always remember this, and let it light each step you take, and then the day will come when you will be reunited with Him.

Hear me and know that our love is great and our arms are wide open to receive all, who will repent and turn again unto the ways of the Father. Let not this counsel pass from you. For all I give is unto your accountability, and I give nothing that is of no value.

Thus saith your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Even So, Amen.

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Can I have part in the building of Zion?

Never Ending Bridge

“I had been reading various things about the establishment of Zion and as my thoughts were on this, I was praying about it- more just a talking to the Lord about Zion and asking if I would be able to have any part in the building of Zion in these last days. This was on the evening of December 1, 1992. In answer to my questions, I received the following”

‘Margaret, I would that all my people-all those who sincerely seek me and seek to serve me- would take part in the establishing of my Zion, that Zion might be that place of refuge to which my children can be gathered as the storm clouds gather and the storm rages throughout this land; my cleansing storm. The hearts of my people are far from me. The hearts of my people are weighed and burdened by the cares of this world. Each heart, I call to come to be healed in me that each might be freed from worldliness and made whole in me. Only then can I use my people to establish my Zion in these last days before I come with vengeance to cleanse my land of the wickedness which ascends as a great stink to heaven.

Oh, my people, how they founder in the wickedness of the world, I hardly know my church anymore, shich calls itself mine, for it is so polluted and filled with the world that in name only is it mine. Yes, there are those whose hearts still turn ever to me, but many of these are so weak and broken and filled with frear that they behold my face only dimly and have lost the understanding and the belief of who I, their God, really am. They have forgotten, in their weakness, the power of God. My Will, will be done. Naught can hinder it, but oh my people, my sick, sick people. They walk about saying they are mine, patting themselves on the back, and turning up their noses at those who are not of their membership, never realizing that many of these souls they regard as lost or inferior to them, know me better than they do. They are steeped in unbelief as they point the finger of accustion at others and accuse them of the ill which they themselves bear deep in their hearts and souls. Much healing, much cleansing is needed. Wolves have come in and scattered my flock. My people, my people, my poor sick and lost sheep have grown deaf to the sound of the Shepherd’s voice for they no longer desire above all else to hear me and obey. They want comfort and ease and I have called them to battle; to put on the armor of battle to fight a war for me that must be fought. Will my angels alone make up the ranks? Will my people cling to their worldly ease and desert me at the last hour? Awake! Oh children of Zion. Gird on the armor of righteousness and join the ranks of my army that I might use you in the fulfilling of my purposes; in the establishing of my kingdom on earth. Would ye build my Zion? Would ye swell in my Zion? Come out of your comfort, believe, and arm yourselves for this great battle against the wickedness that would devour you before it is too late and you are eaten up and no longer my sheep.’

After receiving the above, I spent the next two days wondering and praying about what I was supposed to do with this message. I knew it was meant for me, but it also seemed apparently to be mean for others. On the eveing of December 3, 1992, I received the following as my answer:

‘Margaret, the message I gave you is a message my people have heard before, but they heed it not for no one believes it means them. They all believe I speak of some other member of their congregation. When wil my people look withing themselves and see the shattered, sick condition of their own hearts and souls and know I speak to them- to each one, not to the one who sits beside them, whose faults they can so readily see?

Give this message to my people. If only one looks within to see I speak to him, then I have not spoken in vain. And the angels in heaven will rejoice over even one who comes weeping before me to be made whole that I might use even that one to help establish my Zion. Fear not to do as I say for if tthis is rejected by all, it is me, their God, they yet reject again, not you.’

Margaret Smith, Columbia Falls
(Printed in Zion’s Advocate September 1993)

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OT Types & Shadows

IV Genesis 27 we find the story of Jacob obtaining the birthright blessing—by putting a goat kid skin on his arms and neck to trick his father Isaac into thinking that he was Esau. This represents Ephraim receiving the blessing of bringing forth the Kingdom, instead of Judah. Although, Jacob tricked Isaac to give him the blessing, Esau had already sold his right to Jacob for a bowl of pottage when he hungered (Genesis 25:31-34).

Later, Jacob gave Judah the leadership blessing for Israel, but Judah preferred his own ruler-ship over that of Yeshua, the Messiah, and killed Jesus on the cross. Therefore, as did Esau, Judah forsook their birthright to lead in bringing forth the Kingdom of God. Instead, it was given to his brother Ephraim, leader of the Northern Kingdom Israel. Although Ephraim stumbles in sin at times, as did Jacob, he will yet, through much travail, bring forth the literal Kingdom of God and gather God’s covenant people Israel. God knew what Judah’s choice would be. Thus, in IV Gen 48:11 in Joseph’s blessing it says, “For thou shalt be a light unto my people, to deliver them in the days of their captivity, from bondage; and to bring salvation unto them, when they are altogether bowed down under sin.” This will be fulfilled when Ephraim and Manasseh bring Israel out of Babylon, or the world, building up of Zion, on Joseph’s land in America.

IV Genesis 38 we read the story of Judah’s three sons and Tamar his daughter-in-law. This is a type of the tribe of Judah and their relationship with Messiah, Christ the Lord. According to Hebrew way, a wife must bring forth fruit. This is a type of Jesus’ bride must bring forth fruit meet for the Father’s Kingdom (Mt 3:35, Mk 4:17, Lk 8:15, Jn 15:16, Rm 7:4-5). So when a Hebrew husband died, his barren wife had the right of seed from his brother that she might, yet, bring forth a child.

Er, the first born of Judah, is slain because of his wickedness. This represents Judah being sent into Babylonian captivity for seventy years, because of their wickedness. Then Onan refuses to lie with Tamar when he is given her to wife, because he does not want to bring forth seed to his brother and then have to divide his inheritance with her son. Therefore, the Lord slew him. This represents Judah not accepting Jesus as the Messiah, wanting instead their own ruler-ship. In 70 AD, the Romans slew many of the Jews and destroyed their temple, where YHWH dwelt with them. Finally, Tamar obeyed and waited for Shelah to grow up to give her seed, as requested by Judah, but then she was not given to him as a wife. This represents the Jews not coming to the Church to give her seed.

Finally, Tamar takes things into her own hands and plays the harlot to raise-up fruit unto her salvation, by lying with Judah, albeit, by trickery. This represents the Church bringing forth the Kingdom with the authority granted her from  the Spiritual Father Jesus Christ, going around the lineage of Judah, who lost their opportunity for eternity to bring forth the physical Kingdom of God to earth.

Another type is seen in Jacob’s fruit from Rachel, his preferred wife. She bore him two sons–Joseph and Benjamin.  On Saturday, March 10, 2007 around 12:00 pm, I asked the Lord exactly when was His second visitation and why the tribe of Benjamin was left handed.  Here is His response:

“My daughter I will visit my people when I redeem Zion, those who know me will see me in the flesh, just as my children in Zarahemla did.  I will then endow my servants to go forth in my name, that my children Israel may be gathered.  It will be sometime after that my temple is built, and I come to dwell there in Spirit, until my final coming in judgment and glory.

 You have also asked about Benjamin and why they are left handed.  This is a type and shadow of the final two outcomes of my children.  For Jacob and Rachel are a type and shadow of me and my bride.  My children will eventually be judged to go to the right, eternal life with me and my Father, or to the left, eternal damnation with him who they chose to serve.  This is not to say that the house of Benjamin will be judged to go to the left.  It is simply a type and shadow of the outcome of the union with my bride.

  Know that I will always answer your questions, if you seek me diligently.  Thus saith your Lord God and King, even Jesus Christ, the beginning and the end.  Amen.”

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The Name “Israel”

Saturday, March 10, 2007 around 2:00 pm, as I worked on a paper, I felt the Lord urge me to look into the meaning of the word ‘Israel’.  In my reading, I came to understand that Israel was a people who had the testimony of the one, true God, and a heritage and record of their experience with Him.  I asked if there was more, and the Lord gave me the following words:

“I gave my bride the name Israel, for this is the spiritual similitude of my relationship that I have with my Father.  For we are of one heart and mind, and my bride will be of one heart and mind with me, when I present her to my Father. 

The name is important for it is a promise of this relationship that I am calling my people into. For as they respond to the leadings of my Spirit and take upon themselves my name in word, thought, and deed, they will come to be fully my bride, Israel.  This name is held sacred in the mansions of my Father, for the spiritual meaning it entails; and, all, who come unto me through the waters of baptism, must be adopted into the house of Israel. 

Know that this vision of a walk with me has been kept alive throughout the generations, since it was first given to my son, Jacob, because of the holy seed of promise that it instills in my children.  I ask that you make this understanding known to my sons, that they might teach my children of the sacredness of this hope that is encompassed in the name Israel. 

Thus saith your Lord God and King, even Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom of my people Israel.  Amen.”

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To America

My daughter, I asked that you receive my words that you might better understand the things that will soon be in your nation [America]. For I am not well pleased with many, who are seeking to tear down the things that many have given their life to obtain. For this reason, I must destroy their bastions of power and give this country back to my people.

Know that all that comes is unto this purpose. For I have heard my people’s prayers and there are many who are crying out that I return America unto her Christian roots. So know, my daughter, that destruction will come upon your cities and your nation that I might turn a people’s hearts back to me and might remove those who seek to serve the enemy and not the people.

I tell you that many will have great anger towards their leaders, as they seek to take over this government. For my people will not give up the freedom and will turn against these leaders. As all these things happen, the comforts you know will cease, but I will bring a remnant through, and I will turn the government back to them.

So let not your heart doubt these things and know that it is my hand that is bringing a people back to me.

(Received May 15, 2019)

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Jim Crawford’s Message from the Lord

Elder Jim Crawford shared the following message recently at several small mid-west branches, where he was invited to speak. Jim told me about receiving this late March or early April 2019. His sermon was recorded at Keosauqua, Iowa and the words below were transcribed from this. After Jim sat down Elder Dave Drummond confirmed that this message was from the Lord.

7 April 2019 ~ Keosauqua, Iowa

Thus saith the Lord God Almighty, the Holy One of Israel, the Great I Am, the Only Begotten. I sent my servant Samuel the Lamanite to the Nephites, to share what would happen upon this land when I was born, and when I died upon the cross. And, when I died upon the cross, this land was [a] torrent, the ruff places were made smooth, smooth places were made ruff, there were mountains where there were valleys, and valleys where there were mountains, and cities were sunken into the water.

I sent my servant James this morning to tell you what will happen within the next two years. Because, as when I died upon the cross there was great destruction, there will be great destruction upon this land within the next two years. There will be a volcano rise up in Nevada. The San Andreas fault and the New Madrid fault will cause a great destruction. There will be many mountains where there are valleys. There will be valleys where there are mountains. When our enemies across the seas see what has happen to this land, they will come across, and they will attack, and they will kill men, women and children with no remorse.

I share this with you this morning that my people might know what to do to prepare for this. And what you have just done this morning is part of that preparation (sacrament). For not only do you remember that which I have done, and that which I have said, the covenants that you make, that you repent of the things that are happening in your life; that you can take upon you the name of Jesus Christ; that you serve him and him only, and not Babylon, and not the things that pull you away from doing my will; that you serve me with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. You need to learn to do that now, you need to learn to depend on me. For when the destruction comes there will be less time to do it. I would gather my people in, but only those who are willing to serve. Follow after me. Do my will. Repent of your sins and glorify me in everything you do.


I want to share this also with you, because I know all of you are not members of the church. I feel led by the spirit to say, if you haven’t come to someone in authority and made a covenant in baptism in the communion of laying on of hands to receive the Holy Ghost, you need to search that out and do so. Time is short and the problems will be great. I will protect my people, who are willing to serve me. I will be here.

I know many of you have testimonies of God leading you in directions, and you need to grab hold of those testimonies and you need to remember that God does lead you, and not depend on any man, or any person to direct your ways, but depend only on your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For he loves each one here, but he will respond in accordance with how you respond and depend on him. Lift up your hearts to him, be guided and directed in all things. Be willing to do whatever the Lord would have you do. Don’t even question, but trust in faith, doubting nothing. If you want to know any question, remember what is written in James 1.5-7, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering, for he that wavereth is as a wave of the sea, driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think he shall receive anything of the Lord.”

Serve God.
Jim Crawford

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Counsel to Restoration Saints (Received 9/15/2018)

To My People Who Call Themselves by My Name:

I speak that you might know that I am pleased with your renewed desire and effort to draw close to me. For I hear even the smallest desire of the heart, and I know your longing, for the things that I have promised, concerning my Restoration. Yet, for these things to be, more is required.

Have I not said that you are not mine, if you are not one? Have I not told you to let your heart prefer your brother as yourself? Yet many among you cling to your own views and seek not sufficiently me that I might make my will known to you.

I tell you that the day soon cometh when I will move forward my work, but it will be with those, who do heed these things, who are willing to set aside their own desires, such, that they will know my will in fullness, nothing doubting. And, in that day, my children will go forth in great power of my Spirit, unto the convincing of many of the truths that you bring them.

Oh, my children of the Restoration, how I would gather you, as a hen gathers her chickens, but you will not. I say this through one, who is known to me, who is willing to speak, even though others with priesthood authority, who I desire to use, are unwilling to speak this truth.

So know that I am able to accomplish my own work, and, soon, you will see me move forward, but it will not be in ways you expect. And, for this reason and the other reasons I state herein, many will miss their opportunity for greater service.

Know that my heart longs to use you, but I will only use those, who humble themselves and allow me sufficient place that those, to whom they minister, see me more than themself. So consider carefully my words, for I do not give them lightly, and, all I give will be held to my children’s accountability.

Thus saith the One you seek, and many are seeking me in greater measure. Yet, I cannot give you what you desire, because I only do what my Father is doing, and I require those, who call themselves by my name, to do likewise.

Hear me; let not this pass from you. For great is this opportunity before you and great will be the remorse of those who miss it.

Even So, Amen.