We, the members of Jesus’ church, seek to prepare for the birth of His child, even the Kingdom of God, Zion the beautiful, the New Jerusalem. In this endeavor we seek to prepare, both spiritually and physically, our selves, homes, families, neighborhoods and communities. We join together to support each other in this effort. All are invited to be a part. Consider the words to this moving song, written by Janice Kapp Perry, that captures the essence of our purpose.

“His Image In Your Countenance”

With no apparent beauty that man should Him desire,
He was the promised Savior to purify with fire.
The world despised His plainness But those who followed Him
Found love and light and purity; A beauty from within.

Have you received His image in your countenance?
Does the Light of Christ Shine in your eyes?
Will he know you when He comes again because you shall be like Him,
When he sees you will the Father know His child?

We seek for light and learning as followers of Christ
That all may see His goodness reflected in our lives.
When we receive His fullness and lose desire for sin
We radiate His perfect love, A beauty from within.

The ways of man may tempt us and some will be deceived,
Preferring worldly beauty, Forgetting truth received,
But whisperings of the Spirit remind us once again
That lasting beauty, pure and clear must come from deep within.